Introduce yourself

Hey everyone , My name is Ali Bayrat :dumb:

'ello. My name’s Jeff!

Welcome Ali,

hope you enjoy your stay and have fun in the servers!

More like whale cum :3

Awesome detailed introduction.

Awesome detailed introduction 2.


Awwwwwwwesome detailed introduction 3.0


Hang out with us on discord if you’d like to :slight_smile:

Cyrus here from the lockdown server. Everybody hates each other there so I don’t have any friends. Nice to know you. Anybody can give me an idea to apply for an admin spot at the mw3 servers? thanks.

Well, I’ve never seen you before, so you’re probably new, to apply for admin, you’ll have to apply for clan member first, to apply for clan member, you’ll need to be active both on the servers and discord. Well, since I’ve never seen you before and this is your first topic, I assume you’re new and that it’ll take about 2 weeks until you get clan member and another 2 for admin, so, if you don’t want to wait that long, then don’t apply, or, just familiarize with the servers and let us know you more and well, then go ahead and apply.

asking for admin on a introduce yourself topic