Introduction: MyChrysalis (1000th post special)

Well fuck, I don’t know what to say… I guess this’ll be my introduction post before st0rm threatens to nuke the forums again before I can have my moment lol.

Hello to all, my name is Chryssie and I’m a 27 year old MtF trans gamer who most of you already know me as one of the NamelessNoobs Staff. I’ve been a member for (about to be) 4 years now and throughout this time I have seen many faces come and go, dramas start and stop and many new peeps to chat and chill with.

I guess the best way to explain is from the start, so I’ll go with this. I first found NN after giving IW4x (Modern Warfare 2’s client) a try and noticing the NamelessNoobs 24/7 Skidrow server appearing to have a decent population at the time. I remember some earlier memories of joining the server and chatting with some at-time members and even briefly speaking to the at-time Head-Admin “SupremeLeader” who appeared to be quite active at the time. My first join session was about a month or so before I decided to try and apply for Clan Member, however at the time I wasn’t that well known amongst NN members or staff aside from the reports I would put in here and there for cheaters while also being able to provide video evidence to help make their life easier. I eventually found my way into the Discord on the 13th of Feburary 2018 (the day after applying for Clan Member) to help get more reputation amongst the players and have an easier access to chat with some of the Admins if I needed to provide any evidence to back up my report claims. After a week, my application was accepted by Fade and I quickly found myself spending more time with members and players within the servers, eventually deciding to try out for a Staff Position almost a month later on March 11th (managing to get some thumbs up from some of the crew such as Aussie, Panda, SupremeLeader and even St0rm himself).

Fast forward to March 20th and my application was accepted by St0rm to help moderate the MW2 servers, slowly racking up killstreaks and notoriety within the server while also helping to keep the cheaters down and activity up. After a short period of time within the staffing team, I found myself at a higher position of Senior Admin alongside some legends like Aussie and Gingy before after a few months, I was personally requested by SupremeLeader himself to replace as the MW2 Head-Admin after they chose to step down. After these dates, I can’t quite remember the further progression to Global Moderator and now currently one of the Management Team positions which I hold today to assist within NamelessNoobs and to help with pretty much anything that I can, aside from obvious places where I may not be able to assist or have a current member open my eyes to a better way of thinking.

Progression aside, I’ve been around for a while and so I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen within the servers, discord and forums, especially surrounding drama or drama-like scenarios, such as many hilarious events like the “GFuel in my eyes causing me to cheat” of '19, the “Soft and Squishy Breasts” incident of '20 and even the ribcage-breaking “I had to help my pregnant mom and someone else started cheating on my account” scenario of '21. Drama seems to always find a home in every corner of the internet and while it’s not always so fun or can be excruciatingly painful to deal with, there will always be some banger of memories, including two shitty memes I made up to help memorialize the incidents.

In this first picture here, we go back to the year of 2019 where a member by the name of “Journal” (who has since deleted their Discord Account) enter the Discord and claim they were not cheating. Short clips taken from YouTube were provided showing clear evidence in killcams and spectator modes that they were cheating by looking through bushes and cover on the “Wasteland” map of Modern Warfare 2. When confronted in the General chat, the user claimed they “had GFuel in their eyes”. I quickly threw together a low effort meme to memorialize the time and then updated it to V2.0 with “Anti Bush Vision” on the front of the pack. Noone has heard from this user since, but we can only hope that somewhere out there, they are now a mascot for GFuel or something, idfk.

This second picture remembers the time when - once again - a banned user by the name of “unHOLY” joined the Discord and claimed that they were falsely banned, after a brief chat, they happened to accidentally leak information of a specific file that does not come with the base game… a file that has no purpose other than for the use of cheats. When question upon this, they claimed it was downloaded from a YouTube link of where they got the game. The user was able to provide a demo of their game, however the demo itself showed gameplay of them visibly cheating right at the end of the game where the Anticheat kicks in and bans them. After being questioned on this, unHOLY stated that they were AFK and on occasions came back to move around so that they wouldn’t be kicked for AFK, but that’s when the infamous line came in… “oh i had to help my mom, she pregnant i had to leave for a bit”. Another low effort meme was made as witnessed below of a clickbait thumbnail of which I like to call “My PREGNANT MOM cheats on IW4x! What happens next will shock you…”. We haven’t heard from unHOLY in a while, however they appear to be alive and well as of their last message.

Lastly, I wish to talk about my ride through NN as a whole. I’ll be the first to admit that there has been problems here and there as with every “family” style/type scenario, but I have always been given friendship, respect and a place to park my ass within NN for as long as I have been here. There has been many faces which have gone and more that have arrived, but within the people who have stayed here for a while, it’s been an overwhelmingly awesome place to be, especially surrounding longer-term members who have been here longer than me and have seen more, while newer members or staff who haven’t seen as much are learning over time. NN is a wild place and I’m happy to hang out here, a fairly decent home.

I could name names of people, but the list is already pretty long and I’d also probably forget names, so I don’t wanna play fancy with something I might fuck up lol.

Stay classy, NamelessNoobs. We’ll rock this joint. Love ya all lol.


I had a lot of fun reading this. I laughed at the second meme lol. I hope you stay with us for a long time, chryssie. good luck and stay safe! on the way the 2000 post :smiley:

Chryssie, working under you is absolutely a pleasure. You have been very good at helping me and i’m sure a lot of others learn their way around the Nameless Noobs community. You have an astounding leadership skill, as when you act you act pridefully and respectfully. I’m very grateful for the oppurtunity to help you and st0rm and the rest of the community keep our servers clean. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Nameless Noobs!

This post is fake ( not real 1000). Thanks for all the help over the years keeping this place running.

Congrats on 1k!! Thank you for all you do here!!

Here’s the road to 2k now #Chryssieto2kposts