it's Hello From Forza The Kop!! ☺☺

Hello brothers!!

i’m almost new in this website, but i have more than 3 months playing in NN servers!!
i have experience, since 4delta1 on MW2
ex-admin/Head admin for more than 3 servers since 2012, like BlackPulse Gaming, IonGaming, Fragzone Gaming,…
also, i have experience with BigBrotherBoot, reporting, teamspeak…
you have a good and famous servers NN!!
everytime i try to join NN servers, i found them full!! :slight_smile:
i wish i can join NN family and stay close :slight_smile:

If you want to join the NN family, you must come to the discord and be a little active.
After that, please click on Join us.

Servers are constantly full because NN is life :slight_smile:

Welcome ! Glad to have you here, Discord may be a little weired at times but its all good guys ! Here have a :banana:

Welcome to NamelessNoobs :slight_smile: