I've been banned

Good Day,

I was told to come here and appeal a ban that I have yet to get by I believe it was Rais (spelled wrong) and maybe Loading.
They advised me to upload the demo’s from my games.

I’m having trouble uploading them to this site but I used this website. My 4shared by Saiyan S. - 4shared

It’s named “desktop” cuz I’m too lazy to name it.

Also I used to upload to youtube back in the day, at least you can get an idea of how I play.

I was the one who told you to post your demo here, Thanks for your co-operation…no bans were given so you are free to play.
I also suggest that you apply for clan member. :penis:

saiyan from rgn? it’s ilove. I just started playing again. I got my 4th knife only moab. sorry for hijacking thread!