Jumping to avoid being shot

Hey guys I would like to suggest a rule for the server which is , No bunny hopping or jumping in the air, I believe it takes away from the game from being like a real war game. In real combat you can’t jump up in the air like we been seeing on this server, its just not realistic, When I was an admin in another clan years ago that was a rule and anyone who broke that rule would receive a warning and after 3 warnings you were bounced for 24 hrs. This is a suggestion I have and asking that we all share out opinions. Lets discuss it okay guys. :naughty:

…make jumping not allowed… in a CoD game… yeesh

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That is a very sore subject. I believe the most likely verdict is to leave it alone.

lets do away with the re-spawn too, since its not realistic.

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Yea I’m leaving this topic alone, don’t mind me I’m from the old school of COD 4 and that’s how it was back in the day,so thank you all for your input :hamster: