Just in case - bad




No hacks just skillz

Omg, I knew you were good, but the reverse mouse + scroll wheel to double switch is just… I can’t fathom. I mean it just feels so weird to play with, but yep, to each player their setup. Just surprised me you’re using this unconventional setup on top of being so good.

I thought about recording myself at one point. Jitter clicking/spamming is so easy if you’ve ever done some Mario Party mashing. Beyond me how some players can’t even believe it’s possible.

Otherwise sorry for necro I guess? Doubt a bit of forum activity will be frowned upon. Bit late, but been away and catching up on threads.

necro sorry

Will link these here too… just in case :frowning:

@Ointment yeah, I’m always using invert mouse ig



Lol, you a beast. That’s insane.

I bet you go threw a bunch of mouse’s