Just wanted to say thanks

I used to play CoD4 on 360 ages ago. Was never any good. Just got it on Steam the other day and I’m worse than I was. It’s fun though, so I don’t care.

So far I find the NamelessNoobs servers to be my favorites. I’ll probably keep donating a few bucks each month.


Thank you for the support. We greatly appreciate it!

No problem. I live in a rural area with limited internet options but on the NN servers my ping generally stays between 90 - 150 so I want them to stay up as long as possible. :wink:

I second what Pete said! Hope to see you around more often!!

The servers will stay online as long as people play on them!

I’m sure you will. Aside from the Souls series, the CoD games are the only multiplayer games I care for. I’ll be buying MW 2 & 3 later this month. Never cared much for Black Ops, though. My in-game name is also NeutronVortex, btw.

Kool. So I should stop typing and start playing? Got it!