Kicked out Reason Blacklisted?

Hello, Im Symon and Im from Italy.
I just downloaded the servers and started playing with some friends, when I try to enter a “NamlessNoobs” room I get kicked out with a “Blacklisted from NamelessNoobs” message, I have no idea why since you haven’t played the retro servers, help me please

The issue is your ISP we have them black listed because of how often they change players IPs. Which allows cheaters who are banned to come back and cheat again.

Samething i don’t know why i’m blacklisted cause i don’t play mw3 just for too long, how we can fix it ?

If you’re experiencing the same message when you try to join the server, then St0rms message above will also apply to you. The ISP is flagged for the time being due to excessive cheaters abusing the system and rejoining.

There are no details available as to when this will be removed due to the problem, so for the time being this is fix is applied until further notice.

Any update on this? I live in an apartment, i dont choose my ISP and yet im blacklisted for it??