Ban Appeal Form from Dylanben144

In-Game name:

Response: COVID, Thy Pinner, Reed, BIGoof, flashsugarfellows, yee.exe, pupfizz and LITTLEoof

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 04/04/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 2x Vanilla (Rust)

Why should we unban you:

We just going make to make one report because it will spam forums if we all make one each. Mistakenly went over group limit, we checked discord rules and in game description rules regarding the group limit and this lead us to believe that its 8 people online. Now we know its 8 only and sleepers included. After we were banned we found more detailed rules on the website. We only joined the last wipe and we are all really enjoying the server. Now that we have read this rule we have cut our group down to 8 - but at no point did we have >8 online at once. is it ok if you could consider lowering the ban for us. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Since this is the first offense we gave your group 12 hours. We are very tight on this policy as we can’t cater to specific groups to endure favoritism by any means. So you guys will have to wait until tomorrow when the lift is over. Hope you understand and thanks for acknowledging the rules and knowing what you guys did wrong. We appreciate people who aren’t dicks!

Thanks for fast reply and we understand why you can’f lift the ban.

Temp ban is up. Users are allowed to rejoin the server, but must split from each other.

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