Lucent ban appeal

In-Game Name: lucent

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 10/2/2020

Admin That Banned You: I have no idea

Any Comments You May Have: Why was I banned? I was just playing normally and then I got disconnected for “Appears to be cheating”? I barely play IW4X and I don’t even know how to install cheats??? wat :udontsay:

Am still trying to figure out what “Anticheat detection Button–150@158” means as I’ve never seen this before. It’s a new part of the anti-cheat so you’re going to have to wait on us to figure out some stuff on our end.

ok thank you idk i was shooting akimbo pistols and it just banned me :////

I’m going to need you to find the associated demo files and send them to us on here. Should be able to tell which 2 files are the ones you want by the date created. Again, we need the .json too.

You are unbanned due to misconfigured anti cheat detection on our part. Sorry about that.