Minecraft Staff Application

Real Name:

Response: Luke

In Game Name:

Response: LukeArchitect


Response: 15


Response: United States of America

Hours Spent Online Per Week:

Response: 10-12


Response: LukeArchitect

Would you help pay for servers?

Response: Possibly
Will you be active on our servers & forums:

Response: Yes

Reason For Joining:

I love the Namelessnoobs community and its people, Ive been aching to be a staff member and be a part of this awesome community. The servers are friendly and welcoming, and always brightens your day :slight_smile:. The server on mc is fun and addictive, and id like to be a part of this by being a member of namelessnoobs staff.

Something About you:


I like Minecraft, Mac and cheese, and call of duty.