Modders Using Hacks in MW2

I play on your servers because they are fun and have a lot of people on there. When playing there are normal players that are hackers and than I just came across a modder that was wallhacking. Now we get banned for hacking, it is only fair to have the modder not be a modder for hacking. Players name is Zommm. I feel he should not be a modder when hacking especially when there have been numerous times he shot me through walls without me moving or being detectable through Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro. I appreciate making your servers fair and balanced!

I promise you he’s not hacking. He was probably streaming at the time too if you want proof. Also as a final note: me and the australian pull off far more sus shit daily and its genuinely something you just have to learn how to do before you can understand it fully

Hi, I’m the admin you are reporting. I stream on twitch when I play (usually, this was an exception) and all the MW2 admins can attest, I shoot through everything when I play Nuketown. this would be the reason as to why. Hope you understand.

I stand corrected. I enjoy playing on your servers. I just see all these killcams that appear to be unexplainable at times and could or could not be hacking in action. Zom, I apologize for accusing you of hacking, from my point of view it seemed like it.

All good brotha, I completely understand. I’ll chill with the “walls” when you’re on :laughing: