More Game Modes (Re-post)

I would like to see more game modes from the NN team. Honestly, the gaming experience and connection speed are great, but I would really like to see more variety in game modes besides TDM and FFA (Domination to a lesser extent). It would be a better way to take advantage of server slots by making them more varied, Best Maps and Stock Maps offer the same gaming experience on the same maps. The game modes are super fun and what made Call of Duty a good game were those teamwork modes. And I am not proposing to activate a server for each game mode, since with one of Team Tactical or Mosh Pit (This one is on MW3) including a map voting system (maintaining the random game modes) it would be more than good and the 4 games available have Team Tactical. I think there are many players like me who hope to one day enter the server and find a server for Team Tactical or Mosh Pit (This one is on MW3). Best regards to the NN team.