Multiplayer (Stuck on loading)

Hi there!
Okay, I own a legal copy of CoD4:MWRemastered (with all the maps and stuff); I use H1-Mod Launcher to join to dedicated servers (like yours).

The thing is that when I try to join to your CoD4:MWR Server (Hardcore TDM), the game freezes on the loading screen.

I know that the server could be dead (this could be why) but the bots in this game play a lot better than in the original, anyway, every time I try to join, the game freezes.
I don’t see any error message on the H1 Console and my name is fine (Lokustus).

Could u check out the server please?

Everything is up to date (The game and the H1 Launcher).

Greetings and cheers!

  • Lokustus

P.S. This doesn’t happen in any other server but yours.