Mushi | Unban Appean

In-Game name: Mushi

Date and approximate time of banning: 25th Nov 2016 - N/A

On what server you got banned: Namelessnoobs 24/7 Lockdown - Global Enforced Ban

Why should we unban you: The ban says i am using no recoil, but i am not using any hacks at all, this game is my obsession and only namelessnoobs servers because they are the best, i have my own known people in the servers even admins but i dont know who banned me for no reason, atleast should discuss, anyhow requesting to unban as i am not using any hacks any hacks at all ! thankyou

APPEAL 2 ! i have left playing mw3! only namelessnoobs is worth playing! please unban i am not using any hacks :frowning:

Can you post the .demo file from the game you were banned on?

Go into theater mode and find the date and then go into your teknomw3 folder and then main and then demo and find the game you were banned on. upload that file to a file sharing service like dropbox or mediafire or something like that and post the link here.

Thankyou KnifeOnlyMoab for your elaboration, but unfortunately idk why but my game have last demo saved from july 2016. so i dont have the latest demo . i guess i turned theater mode off for the sake of performance