Mute Appeal BDE Luxzy

Mute Appeal Form from BDE Luxzy

In-Game name:

Response: BDE Luxzy

Date and approximate time of muting:

Response: 5/17/2020

On what server were you muted?:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unmute you:

Response: Cause i was being dumb and in my point of veiw the word nigga is not racist but i guess you guys consider it to be racist i would like to be able to type in chat again please and thank you

Hello and thanks for your Mute appeal.

As you already know when I spoke to you in game, you were muted for three different counts of Racism on the server, the first dating on 8th of May and the two others on the 15th and 17th respectively. I also notified you at the time that you could appeal your mute - which you have done - and so I will provide my screenshots recorded of the incidents and allow the Rust Head-Admin(s) to decide on this.
(Note: In this first mute, you had the name “Ords16” as your profile name at the time of the automatic mute)
Please also note that on the second mute, you were briefly unmuted then remuted with a 2 day mute, as per protocol (24h/48h/Perma)


We run a 3 strikes you’re out policy when it comes to racism. You got your 2 warnings and continued to use racial slurs. If you get unmuted, it wont be by me.

I agree with Stick on this one. You literally waited until you got unmuted to simply do it again. We don’t need this kind of shit here. My vote is denial of the appeal, perm mute stays.

After chatting to the other Rust admins (and by the views represented on this appeal), we have decided to keep your mute until the end of the current wipe, at which point you’ll be unmuted for the new wipe happening in June.