Mw2 server question

My question: can we get different maps on the servers
When I got iw4x, I saw all of the amazing maps I’ve never heard of and immediately thought of multiplayer on them.
But there is no multiplayer on them. Just skidrow, terminal and nuketown. Don’t get me wrong, they’re amazing maps.
But after speaking with other players on the nameless noobs servers, quite a few of them agreed. I think they all did.
I do appreciate nameless noobs having servers on mw2. They’re amazing because of the ping. But the playerbase is dying gradually because there is literally no variant what so ever.
I just wanna play some different maps with good ping :ok:
thank you

We had them before but most people do not choose to install all the DLC so server was empty. But maybe we can do something like that.

Here you go 23 DLC maps rotation.