MW2 servers

Skidrow TDM, and possibly other MW2 servers too have Grenade Launcher, RPG etc removed which is really great because they can make a good ammount of player rage or even rage quit, me myself included. But why not remove Thumper too? Its pretty much same as Grenade Launcher. Just wondering, there might be a reason to keep the Thumper that im not aware of, or maybe someone has already suggested this, if so then I’m sorry in advance. Just would like to see it gone tbh.

I’ll talk to the other admins about this; as I feel the same way myself, however I believe the Thumper was left for some reason … Nice suggestion.

Thumper was taken out of Nuketown & Terminal.

I suppose it messed up with Skidrow, or St0rm forgot to tak eit out on skidrow. I’ll speak with him about it.

Thanks for the info & complaint.