MW2 Tutorial Megathread

Tutorial Section is dead, so here’s a megathread of stuff that might come in handy for players. If you have any questions not labelled here, or have further issues, feel free to respond to this thread or contact us on the NamelessNoobs Discord (Linked at the bottom)

  • I’m having issues connecting to the servers. How can I fix this?

  • The error message you get will determine the issue. Errors can include kicks for “VPN”, “Banned/Global Banned”, “Connection Lost” and other MW2 based issues. If you have a Connection Lost, then the server might be restarting, changing maps or you timed out, simply try again in 15 seconds. If you have a Ban/Global Ban, then you’ll need to appeal your ban. If you have a VPN issue then you have a VPN enabled and you need to turn it off (Note: If you don’t have a VPN installed/enabled, check your PC settings, Connection Settings and scan for Viruses as some install a Proxy on your PC to steal/spam your information, which can trigger the VPN check

(If you’re needing an AntiVirus for a checkup, consider using “MalwareBytes”. Link is:


  • I’ve been Banned/Globally Banned, how can I fix/appeal this?

  • Singular bans usually affect that one server (EG: A Ban from Skidrow). To appeal this, you’ll need to contact us at the top of this forum via the “Ban Appeal” section. Please make sure to fill in ALL of the details to the best of your ability, including Server and Games (You can use the Ban Appeal Form for any games, including COD4, MW3 and so on). If you have a “Global Ban”, then you have been banned from ALL of our servers and need to appeal via the form above. If you attempt to join a server with a ban, it will remove you and give you a reason for your removal, which should assist you in your form (Example: Hacking, Cheating or other rule breaking). PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT APPEAL VIA THE APPEAL SECTION AT THE TOP, YOUR APPEAL WILL BE DENIED. DON’T COPY/PASTE. FILL IN THE CORRECT SECTION.


  • I want to apply for the Clan, how can I do this?

  • Clan Applications can be found at the top of the forum via the “Join Us” section. Please fill out the form as much as possible and remember that your application will be visible to all existing Clan Members and Staff Team. Add as much information as you can and be honest and upfront, as this’ll help you out. If you’re at a loss for words, check out some pre-existing clan member applications that have been accepted as a helpful reference. Please bear in mind that the Clan Rules must be followed at all times aswell as Server Rules. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in punishment. Rules can be found by clicking the forum post below.


  • I want to apply to be a member of staff, how can I do this?

  • Bear in mind that only CLAN MEMBERS can apply to be a member of staff. If you’re not a clan member, don’t bother trying to apply for Staff as you’ll be immediatly denied. Clan members who have shown dedication to NamelessNoobs and to the game(s) they wish to apply for will be considered. If you wish to apply, click the “Admin App” section at the top and fill out the details, remembering that Staff Applications can take a while to be fully processed. During this time, Staff will consult with each other and come to a conclusion. If your application is accepted, you’ll be added to the Staff Team in game and on discord. If your app is denied, you may be able to apply at a future date to try again.


  • I suspect a player is cheating, how can I report them?

  • Use the command [ !contact ] in game, and the report will be sent to staff that are available on the Discord. If you suspect a player is cheating, but don’t want to tip them off, do [ /!contact ] instead and this will hide your comment in game. Please try to provide a name of the suspected cheater in your report so that you can help us, help you. If you happen to have caught proof of them, you can contact the Staff via a forum post in the “Report a Player” section of the forums, or by contacting an admin in the Discord Server.


  • How can I join the NamelessNoobs Discord Server?

  • The Discord Server can be joined by clicking the Discord Logo at the top right of the forums, clicking the Discord Link/Embed/Photo underneath this message or by opening your discord, choosing the “New Server” button and using the code [ AwPd37D ]. If any of these don’t work, then Discord may be experiencing problems, you might be banned from the Discord Server, or there might be a technical issues beyond the scope of what we see.

Discord Link on the image below:

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