My CoD4x program crashs a lot in NN Broadcast server

Hi there, Its FakCampers here. Im an old FPS and CoD4 player, and new in NN servers.

Recent days I got a big problema:
My Cod4x crashs as hell in NN BC server ONLY. and each time it crashed, the server BAN me for 5 min… said: internet violent system xxxxxxxxx

It does not crash in other 4x servers, neither after I uninstall 4x mod.
Cannot fix it after restart CoD4, restart PC, update Windows, reinstall 4x.
Cannot fix it after reinstall the device of my graphic card.
Cannot fix it after install an older patch of device of graphic card.

Whats up with the server and my CoD4x, could anyone help me?


by the way, it says:
but my disc and RAM is suficient…

Recommend posting here about your issue.