My nephew is an idiot

Hey guys…
So, I let my nephew use my PC to play games while i was out of town and it seems the little shit got me banned for cheating or something.
First, sorry about that. He is now not allowed to use my rig without me present. Second, I was very excited to find you guys on Plutonium as I seemed to fit in there and you guys run a good clean game with no bullshit. Needless to say, I am quite upset that this has happened.
Is there anything I can do to get back in your good graces?

Thanks for taking the time.


Hi there and thanks for your appeal.

Normally, I’d close these threads in a heartbeat and suggest that you appeal in the correct format, but considering the issues regarding your ban, I’m going to close it, but also deny the appeal.
In some cases, family members can be assholes, but we - as staff - cannot discern whether you’re being honest and your nephew is a bit of an idiot for doing that, or if you’re lying to bypass the ban. Because of this, we operate a policy that we deny these appeals because if you (or the nephew in question) did cheat and were banned, then we cannot unban you for the risk that your account may cheat again.

//Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked