My suggestion for the Epic Mix server

It would be awesome to put 3 game modes to epic mix server,Domination,Kill confirmed,Team deathmatch.Game lenght 15 mins,score unlimited.
And add some more maps,Resistance,Bootleg,Seatown,Arkaden,Fallen and Village.
Maybe to shut down Mission only server and try with a 12-14 players max server,for people who dont like to get killed beacuse of the spawns and die on a streak like me xD
Just shared my opinion :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

very good idea

I’m up for it.

Nice signature by the way :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

That’s what everyone wants, I hope becomes a reality that request or suggestion. :penis: :stuck_out_tongue:

this will be nice and different :slight_smile:

Good afternoon,

Yes sir, a good suggestion, I also have one that is as follows;
All member in namelessnoobs site, must also be members in the server mw3 and must have some permissions, type bounce and warn the player about his behavior, I do not mean only the admins, ways but in general, each with their permissions, depending on the hierarchical level, type admins with admin per mission, with mod per mod mission, with SERVADMIN per voiding of SERVADMIN, memberm with per voiding of memberm.

In server mw3 you have to have their respective tags;

Ex: [admin] Storm [gmod] XaeSword [servadmins] chicago1234ish [developer] momo5502, [member] | Darth_Maul |.

I say this because the veses when I’m playing come players who use hack, I who am a member can not do anything, just do what the other player can do the kick by vote, or expect an admin go to be able to take the hacke the server .

It also has a rule that should be mandatory, which is the following: all the clan members must have ts3 on PC and be online whenever they are in mw3 server, so you can see more communication between all the clan.

Sometimes’re like es one player that are entru because the ping this high.

No more anything now, I await answers.

Thank you.

| Darth_Maul |

I agree about the tags and adding more ranks like,commander,head admin,recruitment team etc.
But not a good idea to give all clan members some rights on the servers,only to active members on tje servers and page.
But you have my support about the tags :smiley:

Thank you for suggestions they should be implemented soon.

I was going to post about it but I see Andrew already did it, it would be cool have Capture the Flag also, hope epic mix have these game modes soon :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

whoa pretty cool andrew.
I might have some wack suggestions :smiley:
Keep Andrews ideas and how about adding infected?
Lots of players still play that game mode.

~infected: life at 50, infected with maryt :smiley:

~CTF: capture limit 3 flags 2 rounds

Bout mauls idea if he means every time you join the server some mgs comes up saying…“admin has joined the server” i dont like it :smiley: it will show everyone who is admin and hackers will know too.


+1. I just want a free for all game mode in the mix. Can be something like all or nothing (knife only) or just regular ffa.

I really enjoy the chaos of 18 man ffa