My suggestion for the NamelessNoobs

Good afternoon

All member in namelessnoobs site, must also be members in the server mw3 and must have some permissions, type bounce and warn the player about his behavior, I do not mean only the admins, ways but in general, each with their permissions, depending on the hierarchical level, type admins with admin per mission, with mod per mod mission, with SERVADMIN per voiding of SERVADMIN, memberm with per voiding of memberm.

In server mw3 you have to have their respective tags;

Ex: [admin] Storm [gmod] XaeSword [servadmins] chicago1234ish [developer] momo5502, [member] | Darth_Maul |.

I say this because the veses when I’m playing come players who use hack, I who am a member can not do anything, just do what the other player can do the kick by vote, or expect an admin go to be able to take the hacke the server .

It also has a rule that should be mandatory, which is the following: all the clan members must have ts3 on PC and be online whenever they are in mw3 server, so you can see more communication between all the clan.

Sometimes’re like es one player that are entru because the ping this high.

No more anything now, I await answers.

Thank you.

| Darth_Maul |

I disagree. Anyone can become an admin AFTER 30 days of being a member of our clan (we can use that time to monitor your behavior and see whether or not you are worthy of having such power). If you want admin privileges you simply have to apply for them after those 30 days and wait. We have a rather good votekick system that can deal with hackers until one of admins comes to ban them. But I guess it’s all up to our lord and savior st0rm :smiley: :penis: :smiley:

I told him something like that too lel

Hello ,

I like all the ideas that you guys suggested. We also have something in the works already. The new admin plugin (well not new it runs the epic mix server) Is going to put onto Lockdown and most of all your request will be taken care off. Since I will be able to assign to groups to all clan members with simple commands like “warn and kick and maybe even temp ban”. The plugin will also have vote kick since we are still growing and don’t have enough admins. I know that the vote kick gets abused a lot but it helps when no one is online. I will probably be mixing up the Epic Mix server with different maps and game modes. Probably gonna make a Poll later on today to get some feed back on what maps and game modes you guys want.

Keep up the great work guys


You can include more ranks.
Like players who just joined don’t get any rights,and after some time if you see they are active give them some rights like warn and kick… :smiley: :smiley:

one of its members has banned me for using a hack course . I’ve never used hacks and also have entered many times in your server and have had no problems . I would like to desbanearan me because I’m not a hacker . In addition, it pisses me off a lot because your server of tdm is the best of tekno and now there is none where play.
I am a member of AW clan and not use hacks . :frowning:

This is not place where to post your mw3 ban appeal.

My suggestion is for COD4 S&D Server. Really need Friendly fire off or reflective fire way to many trolls who teamkill and ruin game. Have tried to add admin on steam but no help have been on server for 1 hour now and teamkilling is ridiculous. Current player Nostradamous has teamkilled at beginning of round at least 25 times. Someone please ban this troll and fix the friendly fire so we may enjoy the game.