My user status regarding CoD:WaW MP server

Hello, I would like to know if I am either banned from your World at War server or if I am somehow auto-kicked for a specific reason. My game username is Resurstromming and let me explain my experience of joining your server.

So when I joined your server and everything is all loaded up, I auto-assign my team and choose my class and as soon as I’m in the game, seconds later, my screen went dark and directs me back to the main multiplayer menu and said I was kicked out. I rejoined again and it still kicked me out.

So do you mind if you can check if the game username “Resurstromming” is in the ban list? If It is, what is the reason, and if it isn’t can you explain what could be the main problem of not being able to join your COD:WAW servers?

Thank you



Hello there.

Your account was previously linked to a cheater a year ago, most likely when you were using a VPN to access our services on another server back in the day. You’ve been fixed now and should have access again.

Thanks for contacting us.