Name Change

Jonko means joint in dutch. I quit smokeing in about 2 days.
So can i change my name??? Once and only one :smiley:

Old name: JonkoNL
New name: Dutchwarrior

You guys can keep calling me jonk that doesnt mean anything:D


if I can change my name. how can I do that on the forums

Hmmm… IDK…
I think we could come up with a better name.

Thats the only one that i can think about:D

Jovial? Or formerly known as Jonkonl? Namechanger?
How about Prince of Orange or Civilis. What about The Flying Dutchmen.

TheFlyingDutchman is also funny:D

What name you want me to change on the forum to Dutchwarrior ?

Yeah im fine with that!


Thanks Alot man:D