Nameless Painting Project

Hi guys, i would like to show you my Nameless Painting Project #NPP
Download :

Damn, your art looks good.
Also, join us on discord
And what rank are you as an officer? (I’m curious :3)

Damn i like this one :smiley:
they’re pretty cool!

Thanks guys !

Fluffy Yoshe :

When i join the discord, all guys playing to cod 4, and i dont have cod 4 ^^’
My rank, lol i have just 20 years, im a new, and im just Judicial police officer, in Fance that call Agent de Police Judiciaire, but normaly in november 2018 i will be promote =D

But for the moment i have that ↓

The discord is for the whole NN, so there are cod4 players there as well :3

I know xD