NamelessNoobs Banner

Well this is a banner I made e.e I hope you like it

Holy crap this looks amazing.

Looks awesome can you make it without the background and 1152 x 268 in width and height. And if possible without your water mark and i will put it up.

In a moment I edit it for that I now do task :ugeek:

it looks great wow :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Good stuff man!

hello dear friend ovXO … u have banned me permanently today … i ask ur forgivness and i sak u to please remove the ban because the nameless noobs server is the only server i play on cz is the only one in which i find good ping so please remove the ban … my name is st.crash !! waiting for ur answer … thank u

Hello st.crash!

Please make a ban appeal, you can do so by going into this section of the forums and creating a new topic

And this is format you have to use for your ban appeal

thank u … i will now