NamelessNoobs Danks-giving

Alright gaylords, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is almost upon us. If you’re European, just know that we Americans have a day of the year dedicated to over-eating and potential heart attacks. Sadly though, a lot of us are shut ins and will stay home gaming anyways. So to make you guys have more a social investment, we’ve decided to put together an event. All the details aren’t 100% worked out, but this thread will be dedicated to information and updates on the event.

So what is it?
For the first 1 or 2 hours, the NamelessNoobs family will be streaming together as well play on our servers for CoD4, MW2, MW3, Rust, etc. We’ll be livestreaming to our Twitch at NamelessNoobsTV and we’ll also be in our Discord (hop in there if you haven’t yet, faggots). Don’t think it’s restricted to only NN, though. Everyone is free to join, whether you’re an applicant or just visiting from another clan.

I’m still kind of not interested. Is there anything actually fun going on?
Well, as an incentive for those who show up, we’ll be giving away free Steam keys. Some will be small, but others will be larger ones like CoD titles, Destiny 2, Battlefield, and more. They will be given out during the Party Group, but there will be an individual timeslot at Desserts for giving them out too.

What about those that want to promote their own livestream?
All livestreams will be welcomed, but we will only start NN promoted livestreams until after the Danksgiving party group is nearing a close. After that, groups or individuals are free to stream whatever content they’d like as part of the Danksgiving After Party. A list of all those we’re promoting will be hosted either on this thread, a separate page, and a Discord channel announcement.

Where will it all happen?
As you could have probably guessed, it’ll all be on Twitch and Discord (only saying this for those who are allergic to reading). The key giveaways will be occurring on the Twitch livestream while the Party Group is ongoing. Individual members will be allowed to give away keys in a fashion they see fit.

Now that that’s all out of the way, time for the schedule:
November 23:

  • Pregaming Party (30-45 min)
  • NN Chatter (15 min)
  • Party Group/Main Course (1-2 hours)
  • Desserts (30 min)
  • After Party (varies per individual)

A little more info on the After Party:
While individuals and groups will be able to stream freely, we ask a few things on information on a general idea of what you’ll be streaming.

  • will the stream be NSFW? (they’ll be labeled as such)
  • what games/activities do you plan on streaming?
  • around how long will it last?
  • what’s your NN username?

Simple, right?
As more information develops, we’ll be posting here, so keep an eye out. I’m sure you can pause a fap session for 5 minutes for a quick update.

Is there a specific time yet? Some of us yuropoor’s have work the next day and with timezone it really sucks.

Not sure yet. I also have work the next day, so I want to push for around 7 pm EST, but that’s just me.
We’ve decided it will be an all day event. The times should still remain the same, but that means we could be starting as early as 10 am EST.

Should be a Dank Event

Damn right :penis: :penis:

Cool ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ill be stuffin my face with fam

Arrrggghhh… I might be on tonight for this I might not. I might be drinking all night and pull a St0rm.