NamelessNoobs MW3 Lockdown 24/7

Hey i was wondering if 24/7 lockdown could have a comeback, I spoke to some players and they said they missed it a lot as well as myself. I understand you guys are trying to make a server with a variety of maps. But I believe if you guys made a new server for lockdown 24/7 or just brought it back, many players would be happy, just a suggestion :slight_smile:.

Hi! I’ve moved your thread to the Suggestions Section of the forums to gain more visibility and appeal.

Lockdown 24/7 has been a staple diet of MW3 for quite a while, and this sudden change might be good or bad for the server, but having this idea to go back to (or as another server or something) is always good to have on hand. We’ll certainly dig into this for ya.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Seems like 24/7 Lockdown is back to normal, so I’m gonna close this thread for the time being (unless it changes again). Hit us up if you have any more suggestions! :3