NamelessNoobs - Rules

Clan Rules:

  1. No Double Clanning (If you are in another clan we will demote you)
  2. No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)
  3. No racism of any kind.
  4. Our forums & discord are not to be used for posting pictures of a pornographic nature or to discuss things of an illegal nature, this includes advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
  5. Excessive whining is not allowed, cups of cement will be handed out on case by case basis.
  6. Important rule that really should be known , HACK FREE CLAN , pretty obvious.
  7. All members should respect one another, yes have a troll have a joke, but not to take it too far.
  8. If you disappear try to notify someone whats the deal, whether you go on holiday or even leave it’d be nice to know.
  9. Discord is not to be used for spaming, but raging is welcome.
  10. When in doubt flop it out.
  11. Activity on Discord is mandatory.However,no one will force you to speak in the voice channels.
  12. Clan tags are meant to be worn at all times.

Server Rules:

  1. No racism of any kind.
  2. No scroll-firing or use of macros.
  3. No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)
  4. No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players.
  5. No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game (double caret (^)) color in names.
  6. No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.
  7. No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
  8. No use of elevators or going outside of any map.
  9. No use of hacks or exploits.
  10. Players must play the objective and support their team.

Admin Rules & Guidelines

  1. [*]All admins need to be on Discord while in-game.
    Try to check the website atleast once a day,to know what’s going on,and if possible to reply on some topics.
    This is non-negotiable, do it or you might lose your rights.

[*]All new promotions have to be approved by a discussion of Head Admins.
This is important, because it helps everyone understand who the new admins are and why they are admins.

[*]Admins are everyone’s “colleagues “, there is no my admins or your admins, everyone is the same.
Bickering among the admins are solved by the Head-Admins, no micro-managing or anything like that. Questioning of their decisions can be made in private not in General and NOT in-game,admin decisions should appear outwards as final.

[*]You shall behave friendly to all admins, both “junior”, “senior” and “head” as well as members and other players.
Take trash-talk and insults to somewhere private. We don’t care if you don’t like another admin or member, either take it up with someone else and talk about your feelings or keep quiet.

[*]If someone -1 or +1 an application this is their choice.
You can ask them to elaborate,if you want to, but if someone wants to +1 or -1 someone applying for member, that’s their choice.

[*]If you have a problem with another member or admin, take it to their “Head-Admin”.
Stop bitching in General or in forum posts. Stop talking shit in PM’s, either sit down and have a p-2-p or take it up with someone else.

[*]If someone you like or +1, gets denied or removed it’s NOT personal.
Not everyone can get accepted as a member, and we have had some terrible memories with some members in the past, as such we can and will remove anyone who behaves like a little bitch and won’t listen to others.

[*]All bans should be proportional.
Don’t gban someone for camping, its not right. Don’t kick because they are annoying, unless they are breaking a rule. Don’t give bullshit reasons.Don’t kick or ban other admins, unless they are afk. (if they are breaking a rule tell them to stop in-game and on Discord).
Again all bans or kicks should be proportional and based on a reason.

[*]No unbanning a banned person just because he’s your friend or something, everyone who’s banned has the right to make a ban appeal.

[*]Power abuse is strictly forbidden so watch it!

Our Servers:
Our servers are a place to stay and have fun with other people fellow comrades, to have a good time and enjoy both the game and our servers.
We expect everyone to follow our rules & to play fair.

Our Admins are the ones who work hard to make that happen and ensure fair play, I ask everyone to follow their calls and to abide the rules.
If you got banned(temporary or permanent) you have the right to fill in a unban request on our forum to get your ban reviewed.

Note; Your admin application will be considered based on your activity on Discord/Forums & Game Servers (This applies for all games)
Note; You must first be a clan member to become an admin.
Note; Minimum age to join the clan is 18 & 16 for Minecraft.

Our Discord Server

Thanks in advance,
NamelessNoobs Management Team