New Admin on MW3

Real Name:

Response: Dragan

In Game Name:

Response: Popeye


Response: 21


Response: Bosnia And Herzegovina(republika srpska)

Hours Spent Online Per Week:

Response: 15-26


Response: No steam accaunt :frowning:

Would you help pay for servers?

Response: if i have money i will
Will you be active on our servers & forums:

Response: Yes

Reason For Joining:

I was playing on mw3 server for 30 days i and i like that server. i want to be active admin member to make rules on server and remove unsportmalike players and hackers.
Something About you:


Playing ussualy pc games like wot,lol and mw3. Now i am free because no jobs,so i am nonstop on mw3 .
Possitive,teamwork new ideas for servers. only thing i dont understan commands on mw3 if i be admin. :frowning:
PS: i use no steam mw3 via tekno.

A) You have to be a clan member to become an admin
You can always make a membership app.