NN members and admins not doing their jobs

I first want to state that I enjoy the servers immensely, in fact spend quite a bit of my free time playing COD MW. I have contributed to the server in helping find hacks and have reported several of them to the admins so the server can be a place that people want to come and play.

What I want to bring to your attention is the fact that you have NN members who play and watch violations of server policy and don’t do anything about it. I am not going to be naming names but they know who they are.

Today we had a guy come on with the handle by the name of Hitler (so original right). I told him even though I am not a member that he should change it as it is quite offensive, forgetting the fact he also had way over 400 ping and reported him for that as well. He ignored me, I saw that a NN Member was also playing and try to get him to acknowledge what was going on but he just played and ignored me. Finally he said that he was a NN member moderator and I asked him if he could handle this or get an admin who can, once again silence. Isn’t that the point of being part of a clan to help in making sure that the servers and those who play follow the rules?

I just wanted to vent…

Dave (OU812)

My PERSONAL opinion, I don’t see the name “Hitler” as overly offensive. Yes, I know what that name indicates, but just having it is not a big deal, unlike people who have ACTUAL racial slurs and homophobic slurs as their names

If I remember correctly this was one of the names that is not to be used on the server. As someone who has family who survived the Holocaust I can’t imagine the life of me on how its not overly offensive.

If I am mistaken regarding the name, then please forgive me taking up bandwidth.


Hey Dave,

Use the !contact command. Since report only takes a screen of them . While the contact command will ping the admins in discord.

Sigh… Here we go with this shit again. https://forum.namelessnoobs.com/t/rule-update-offensive-names/2332/1 for anyone reading this topic, here’s the post on what classifies an offensive name.

First off, I agree it’s a name that shouldn’t be used, but for a different reason. If it weren’t for people throwing around the word “offended” or “offensive”, we wouldn’t even have this issue, but alas, this is today’s society. BUT there’s something important to catch here. While I agree that it shouldn’t be used, I don’t like how you claimed that you have a right to report it because you have family members that survived the Holocaust. I’m putting this publicly fully aware that it’s viewable by anybody and I’m willing to reap whatever I sow. Using your family as a stepping ladder to promote your ideals/opinions/beliefs/etc or to gain what little upper-hand you might get in a conversation is petty as fuck. Your personal accounts - which are purely subjective, might I add - do not give you the right to determine what the rules of our servers are. I wouldn’t be having to say this if you wouldn’t have thrown that line in trying to assert as to why it’s offensive to you. That’d be like me asking to change your name if you weren’t in the Army or even if you didn’t hold the rank of Sgt. By no means do I care, but if I did, I have no right to tell you to change your name just because of my own subjective take.

Secondly, it’s as much a clan member’s job to report as it is your job to report. They have as much power as you do and if they aren’t offended by it, that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing whatever job you thought they had; that just means you’re a self entitled prick that misunderstood what being a clan member is. We give no power or responsibilities to them because they haven’t proven they can be trusted with it. An admin’s job though, yes. That being said, you failed to properly report it (whether it was because you didn’t know or assumed they did the same thing), so I won’t give shit on that. St0rm posted above what the differences are, but I’d also shy away from saying that the admins aren’t doing anything because I can very well assure you, they are. Hate to paint a shitty picture for our other servers, but our CoD4 admins work the hardest out of all of them.

I did see the hitler reports. I figured he was being called out for hacking. I checked the SS and didn’t see anything here. Great to see some clarification on this matter.

to much for me to read conji.
While I can see that it might be offensive to some, some are not that sensative.
Secondly, I believe our admins do a great job. just because it is not to your time table does not mean that something might not be
We volunteer our time and take time away from playing to help make our servers the best they can be.
If you are unhappy, apply for NN, apply for admin and help us to continue to make our servers great.