NN, the best server.

Hi, if you are reading this, I am probably already banned from all platforms that NN has power on, but I hope this is not in vain and that together we can make a change.

Well, the time has come to talk about the NN servers and their lousy attention to their players.

Most of my experience in the NN servers has been in CoD4x, a place where amazing things happen every day.

First of all I want to complain about the banning system for people with a ping that manages to exceed 250 ms, this system is true that it helps on certain occasions, removing players with 999 ms, but it also turns out to be stupid and annoying, removing players with just 258 ms.

(Due to an error on my part, I will leave the screenshoots in links, sorry for the inconvenience.)

As you can see in that image, even I was kicked for being just 252 ms. Congratulations NN.

Now, I want to complain about the abuse of administrators towards the players.

This kind of thing is seen a lot at S&D, where I have had several problems with administrators. Once I was banned for 2 hours for talking about Peruvians and pigeons, apparently the admin was onfed and did what NN knows how to do, wash his hands with his “superiority” over other users. The ban was due to the alleged breach of a rule, which speaks of respecting other users, and here is another irony, users spend their time insulting each other, even insulting administrators with the same context (From Peruvians and pigeons), but since that particular user is the administrator’s girlfriend, he did nothing. (The screenshots from now on will be in Spanish, sorry)


This is only 1 of the thousands of times that context is touched, but unfortunately I have no more screenshots on the subject.

Apparently NN only gets rid of the people they want, because after I get kicked out a couple of nonsensical times, the people who do camp spawn can stay and do whatever they want, and this is a breach of rules and it annoys us all.


This person is well known in NN, but not for being very good, if not for doing camp spawn, whether he is on the offensive or defensive side, he never moves.

A few days ago I received a 1 hour ban for “Spam”, but I am sure it was not because of that, the admin who was responsible for the ban abuses the camp spawn, and I always emphasize how shitty it is.


In that image, you see EXCESSIVE SPAM for NN, but it is not like that, I did not send all those messages together. They defended themselves saying that all messages were sent in 1 hour, but now I ask them, does a round of S&D last 1 minute? Obviously not, I sent that message every time a certain person died, and that was not every 5 seconds. Also, I remember that a few weeks ago, a Russian spammed the same message every 2 seconds, and as usual in NN, nobody did anything.

I also received two warnings, one for “No scrolling” and one for “inappropriate behavior.”

Regarding the first, frequent S&D players will know that there are MANY users who abuse macros, and even administrators. (When I have proof of this, I will not hesitate to dock it here)

After receiving this warning, I insulted the administrator for doing such stupid things, this is when I received the second warning, “Inappropriate behavior”, and this made me funny, because users insult each other and even administrators support them …


After this couple of inconveniences, I decided to complain directly to the NN discord server, and as expected …


This is impressive, they cannot respond to a user complaining about their excellent service, and they resort to silencing them. Maybe so that it doesn’t further damage his already tainted reputation?)

Well, I have come this far, if you also have a complaint and have not yet deleted or blocked this post, do not hesitate to put it here.

Hello there.

Since you’ve posted a lot, I’ll respond, but I’m going to break it down in to smaller “bite-sized” chunks from what I know and have seen.

On this part, that is an automated server response. If you are at any point above 250, plauers start lagging and teleporting across the screen, which can also cause issues with hit-reg (bullets registering with hitting targets, for those who don’t know/never heard of that term) and bullets can end up “phasing” through targets, this is not only a pain in the ass to see and witness as a player, but also runs the risk of creating false ban positives on players who are not cheating, as the system will detect incorrect firing and may subsequently ban players for nothing. On top of this, you posted and mentioned that you went above the 250 mark, so the system is correct to do the kicking (or in some rare cases: a temp ban for people who keep rejoining). These bans are at most a temporary issue, so that the slot of a player who was above the mark can be filled with another player who isn’t of that high a ping issue. This isn’t a targetted issue at you or anyone else, but a system in place to maintain that the server is fair for all, so I’m sorry you have experienced that, but please also understand and respect the issue at hand.

Side note: On several occasions, you also went above and beyond the limit like in the screenshot below, so that is also reasonable for the system

You may not know me, but on the Discord, I go by “Chryssie” with a unicorn emoji currently and as you can see on this post and on my name in discord, I’m one of the members of the management team. If you have ANY issues with a staff member and the issue isn’t being resolved, you are more than welcome to tag me in the discord and I would be happy to open my DMs up and talk about it. While the screenshot you have provided could help a little in this case, I would be happy to deal with anything more that you might have seen or heard of, if you would be willing to give me the time to research, double check and then take any action if needed. Please also note that I personally hadn’t heard of any issue until this post, so if I’m not made aware, I (or the other members of staff) can’t get involved unless it’s brought to our attention.

I cannot comment on this, because I haven’t seen it personally, so I will give you the benefit on this one.

Now, THIS I can make a comment on, because this was brought to my attention by a member of staff after an argument/disagreement broke out on Discord, however I didn’t want to officially step in and over any of the admins at the time (unless it boiled down to just name calling or some stupid juvenile thing).

Of all the things this issue started with, this comment was the first of the entire thread of issues, and is not usually the best way to start the conversation:

As you can see here, your response was clearly written in anger or annoyance over what had happened, to which the HeadAdmin (Awakening) had posted a picture of your chat log (the same as what was written in the quote above). During this issue, I personally reviewed your chatlog and noticed a couple key factors, which I will list below.

1: The screenshot shows it was over a duration of one whole hour, which can be seen AS and NOT AS spam.
The reason for this is because the specific timing of your comments do not show on the screenshot, and instead say “1 hour ago”, which appears as spam, but can appear as just a lot of chatter to some. To help clear this confusion, spamming (as defined by Google and Wikipedia) is sending the same (or similar) message in mass to either the same or multiple users. You were in violation of this rule by repeatedly sending the same message on mass to multiple users in the server.

However - as mentioned - I am also fair in that I can see from your point of view how this came across, as the admin who kicked and temporarily banned you should not have been using that language or aggressive tone in their ban message, to which I can promise I will talk to them about so they won’t repeat that again.

2: Your spam was qualified as spam.

As mentioned above, we cannot determine the exact time of each message on face value… but on the website where your chat log is stored (and shared), you can hover your mouse over and see an exact timestamp as to when each message was mentioned. To your benefit, about 60-65% of your messages were not in a very rapid succession and so to some degree, it would not count, however on several occasions (see below for one example), you had lines where you did it with very little break between each one, therefore qualifying as spam.

(Note: This one had a gap as it was during a round swap, and was posted near the end and then at the start of the new round)



Please also note that you were kicked first by the admin, to which you came back to say the same line again. That was your warning kick and since you chose to disregard it, the admin was in every right to temporarily remove you from the server. See below also.

Now again, I will speak to that admin about their response and ensure that they will keep with the guidelines next time, as everyone should be treated fairly, but also please note that they were correct.

The admin labelled “Brittney” assisted you in your issue and pointed you here, so thank you very much to her for their help and your comment was addressed by the person labelled “Zomothy” (although it could have been worded a little better). As written in our Discord Rules, if you have a complaint, you are to direct it towards the forums (which you only did so after having this issue in the discord - rule 2) and that if people harrass, threaten or attack players or admins, they will be handed a cup of cement (Fancy term for a mute - Rule 8). Since you not only ignored Rule 2 and chose to violate Rule 8, you therefore earned yourself a mute on the Discord too for a short period of time, which was then gone a brief moment later.


I can and will understand your frustration, and I am sorry that you experienced this with the servers and staff, however in my own personal response of what I have witnessed and researched, the temporary ban was justified and the subsequent temporary mute on Discord was also justified. I will talk to the staff team and make a formal announcement on the regards of banning etiquette as is expected from my role here to help the staff to their volunteer job, but please note that while you bring up a few good points, you did not handle the situation as best as you could have, and so you only made it worse for yourself by furthering the action, entering our discord and causing a scene over something that could easily have been handled in a ban appeal or even a simple ping to me or the higher ups.

Thank you for reading.

Ok, first of all I understand that the system of kicking people with a high ping is functional (As I mentioned before) and as you said, I have exceeded the number of MS set excessively several times, with 500 ms or more, but I have also been kicked for 270 ms, just like many other people.


So from my point of view (And I bet many others) despite all the risks of bans and teleportations (Which I have never seen playing at 280 ms), 250 ms is too low a figure to kick a person .

And well, according to what GOOGLE says, and the investigation it did, technically I did spam (Small, but it counts). But I recommend paying more attention to your administrators, they do their work with whoever they want, just like many other times they do nothing. (An example is when they do not want to take the guy out of spawn camp and are resigned to calling him “Fat”)

I admit that when I started the conversation in discord I had a bit of a grudge against Retali, and yes, I did not comply with rule 2 of discord, but I don’t know who would take that conversation as “harassment” or a direct “attack” towards one person, I just said gay :stuck_out_tongue:

The main goal of our servers would be to have as many people able to play on a stable, soft connection and our setting of 250ms is almost perfect, it means that people can still land hits without the server freaking out over a person “not existing” in the spot while also not triggering the anticheat into thinking that players are cheating. Infact, I do believe that we wish to aim for it to be lower (200ms max) for full stability, safety and reliability for all of our players, members and admins, however we’ve stopped at 250 for now to be fair to as many people as possible. I’m sorry that it seems harsh for such a specific setting to cause people to get kicked (or tempbanned if connecting too many times), but I promise it’s for as many players to enjoy the experience without the annoyance or anger of lagging or connection issues.

As mentioned in my post above, I will talk to the Admins involved (I have already thanked Brittney for her help) when possible and I can assure you that I’ve put out a full Staff Announcement regarding the issue (I really shouldn’t leak that sort of info, but I’ll post a copy of the announcement below) and that all bans and kicks should have a fair, solid reason that responds to the rules clarification and ease of appeal for incorrect/unjust bans.

As for the response about Retail8, I understand that “Gay” isn’t much of an insult (I personally laugh that off and just say “Ok” because…well… I am gay), but it can be taken the wrong way to start off the conversation as that. If anyone on the admin team did that, they’d be dragged into DMs straight away for a talk.

Your thread won’t be deleted or removed as you have fair and just points, similar to my own responses about the situation and I’m glad we could talk about this in a fair, decent way. More work will be done to improve whenever possible and I can promise that it’ll keep up until everything is just right.

Thanks again


Thank you for paying attention to the issue and I hope that as you said, I will take action on the matter.