Noob was seeing through walls

I speced him for two games and have footage if needed. I didn’t know how to contact admins through the game.

You can use either !contact or !report.

Using !contact will call an admin to your game, at which point they’ll review the user with their own special brand of evidence and catch the cheater. Using !report will also work, although it takes a screenshot of the user and uploads it to our public screenshot listing.

Since you have footage, please attempt to upload it here on the forums and a COD4 admin will be with you shortly :slight_smile:

Guess this is the same player -

kicked him for 6 then 8 minutes, called for admin, untamed quickly arrived, Noob came back but soon left when he saw Admin :slight_smile:

Just been back on playing as Ahmati11 or something like that, kicked again

Thanks user has been BANNED

Awesome job thx :slight_smile:

can someone look into B3 on broadcast, most of the time it’s very slow or doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

thanks guys, i hadn’t even finished uploading the videos yet lol

No worries, thanks for flagging the hacker up in the first place :slight_smile: