One In The Chamber MW2?

Hello everyone , it could be really nice to have a one in the chamber game mode on mw2 server, what do you guys think let me know in the comment section

peace ! enjoy your time on hope to see you ingame !

We were thinking more of a gun game server that’s closer to what we agree on and not the rather shit one that is currently for mw2. Maybe we could consider alternating game modes but as it is the gun game server isn’t even a thing either. We don’t have a spare mw2 server to use unless we were to change our FFA server but it actually gets people fairly regularly so we’re hesitant to take it down for another game mode.

to be honnest the FFA server is the one that i play the most lmao, but thanks for the answer good to know.

and off topic question where can i find the stats for mw2 servers

I never bothered to find out where the actual statistics are but the site where you can view all the iw4m related stuff is here.

perfect ! thank you very much have a good one !