Original Creations Dump

Since this part of our forums is pretty dead, I thought we could breathe life into it and revive it with some original creations.
These could be memes, photography, random monstrosities made in Paint and Photoshop, videos ect but there are some rules:

All posts have to be original (you can’t just steal something from DeviantArt etc and post it as your OC)
You can comment on other posts but don’t go off topic.
If you’re going to post a video, upload it to YouTube and link it here;
same goes for pictures - don’t add them as attachments, upload them to Imgur or similar sites and then link it using [img] bbcode.

Let the first annual NN shitposting begin :penis:

Unitroll I made for April Fools Day 2017

i sometimes take pictures. i suck tho


You said we could post anything ?!?