Phone Case Designs

****I have designed some phone cases and wanted to see what you guys think about them if you guys would like to get one yourself.



****Tell me what you think, and give me ideas of what phone cases you guys would like to see. I will design more etc. These are very, very basic and simple.


noiice , #3 is my fav

Would be cool to see #2 have a cool gaming background but other then that they are all cool

#3 will be nice bro!!
and i wish i can c it throw my phone, Samsung Galaxy J510 :dance: :dance:
in stead of this!!

look good brother…





the 3rd one… :fuckyea:

how about this one…


what is that

To much…it is to busy…

i still like this one Vodka. Needs some touching up, but still like it.

oh now thats more like it !!

Its cool :smiley:

3rd and 2nd one.