Player kicked? every time i try to join

Hello i was playing on skidrow 24/7 like an hour ago and out of nowhere i got kicked from the server after a double or a triple kill with fal and now everytime i try to rejoin it says “player kickd” idk if im banned or is some ass admin kicking me every time i join??? and if i did get banned WHY??

Hi! Quick question for you, is your In-game name the same as your forum name just now? I’ll go online and check to see if you’ve been banned.

nah just duck all lowercase

Thanks for your response.

I have checked the server and noticed that there is a ban for a user “duck” at 6:54PM my time (almost 5 hours ago). I double checked with the Discord Bot Logs and have matched you to that ban. You’ve been banned by one of the admins for two weeks for “Rapid Fire Hacks”.

I was not the admin to ban you, therefore it is not my decision to revert the ban. However, if I recall correctly, the banning administrator has to post proof within a timeframe or your ban is lifted. As such, I have notified the banning admin and senior staff to review this appeal. They may post shortly with more to say.

Please be aware that I am not 100% sure if that’s the deal, but if it is not, I’m sure one of the higher staff will correct me and help you on your way.

k ill be watching the forum iguess. thanks

Not to worry.

I’ve spoken to the senior staff and found out that there was a misunderstanding with the ban. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. You’ve been unbanned now.

Thanks for posting your appeal though, it helps us to get to it in a timely manner. Truly appreciated.

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Duckmo3w, sorry to inconvenience you at this moment but I was the admin that had accidentally banned you on our server “skidrow 24/7” and therefor I’ll take responsibility for my actions for i did not mean to ban you on our server.

You’ll be unbanned an hope to see you play again

Best regards, Weed.

thanks for the help guys i love your servers

Thank you!