Player kicked help

Hello i was playing in skidrow and i got kicked I dont know why
I’m always playing in thes server every day and i got kicked for no reason maybe because I’m good
if because that i am old player i play this game maybe for 9 years …

Please fill out a proper ban appeal and we will look into it:

hi slah i have the same problem i dont undestand why happens this, i cant have a good killstreak because comes the administrators of the skidrow server to kicked me out, this server sometimes there are games that end with a difference of 3 to 1 in the deaths and with all the players with 40 of ping on the same team meanwhile my pc with 180 of ping and I’m not complaining, I’m not that interested in being a good player, I only play for fun and relax, I’ve been playing for a week on the only two servers in iw4x there is the terminal and the skidrow, and the server of skidrow kicked me out without explanations, I come back in, and WEED writes “nice hacks dude” what the fuck this fucking guy always be in the top of positions and gets upset when another arrives tho the top, im never use a fucking hack in my life even sometimes I even play without the stupid fps view , im dont understand this mental issues that admins have to get people out just for having a good kilstreak without explanations, it’s the second time it happens to me in mw2 and sometimes in bfbc2, haaa but when a real hacker arrives or a fucking virgin fricky with a youtube channel to shit the game unbalanced it nobody does anything even the server named namelessnoob. this is the fucker fricky :

they screwed me the game ill change to battlefield fuck, you’re should do a psychological exam to avoid the stupidity mental of the admins

Alright firstly Hugo, TGD isnt a hacker.

then why take me out if you can have pro players on the namelessnoob server :rufk:

You had no recoil hacks…

what that faq is no recoil hacks??? Can someone here explain me please?

Request for this topic to be locked: Slah has been given the redirect link to a ban appeal form and the rest is filler text that has nothing to do with the original topic.