Player Space

Can the S&D server have a increase in the amount of players that can be in it, because every time I try to join the server is always full. So if someone can increase the player capacity that would be great, I would be very thankful.

Been there, done that, as a Head Admin I can’t even join when I see reports made, good thing is the server is full, typically SnD gets tedious when you have over 24 players, I would suggest that 2 Private slots be added so admins can join when reports are made, most times when I see a report made and try to join the offending party has already left.

I know the other servers were jacked up to 30 and password added but if a couple of slots aren’t Private then the Password is useless, I tried many times after seeing many hackers screen shots and seeing them on and trying to join and kick them but I still had to wait in line.

Not a big deal, once they leave the ban kicks in but I hate seeing the douchebags play knowing they hack.

And sorry Trippin, hijacked your thread for my own purposes, my bad.

Da fuck is this post. Quit hijacking people post plus if you paid attention in discord you would know that we already have 2 private slots.

I was apologizing for the fact that I used his post, I DO pay attention in Discord Storm and nothing has changed, Private Slots are just that, they don’t show, if you have 24 slots, it shows 24 on the server, Private slots are hidden, and typing in the password you gave does nothing when trying to join the Full 24 slot server on SnD or a Full server on Broadcast or Crossfire, trust me, I tried.
PW may have changed since and i missed it but trying the one you posted wont let me join regardless.

I had already mentioned this on Discord when the change was made but in the future I’ll make sure I contact you first to see if I missed something or typed in the wrong PW.

Once again Trippin, my apologies, should have asked again in Discord instead of posting in your thread.