Please unban

In-Game Name:Deza

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:29.10.2016 approximately 15.44 CET

Admin That Banned You: don’t know

Any Comments You May Have:I was given a permanent ban on the server 24/7 Lockdown and I don’t know why.I often play on this server and never used cheats,please unban me.

Link to demo

i was band from search and destroy.i just entered the match and people were shoting me and i was not dieing dont no they banded me and i go in team death match and i was dieing so i was wondering what is going on i never hack no once.i think hacks are for lamos.but i hope i can be unbaned

PLease use the following to make your ban appeal

Thank you.

As for you Mr deza, you were banned because of no recoil sir. You get a support jugger, shoot 1,000 rounds a second and you have no recoil??
explain that.
Proof at min 2:10 and 4:40

Plus our member Juice was also trying to !vk you cause you were walling, lots of players were accusing you so i gave the time to spec and found out another thing.

money look well as for the 1000 rounds per second so I got the mouse bloody and there is a button called triple click(the shot)as far as I know it is not prohibited.
I’ll give you a link to another demo, this fight was just before that battle where I was banned what do you say about this?

^ I lol’d

ok never heard of a triple click mouse or W.E that is, i never banned u cause of the 1,000 rounds per second.
I banned you cause of the no recoil sir and we are talking about the DEMO where u got banned, thats where i was specting you.

Ok, deza, just from looking at LOADING’s (RealRich45’s) demo, you are clearly using no recoil and will there for stay banned.
Appeal Denied.png

Recently he walked Playing In The Sv Namelessnoob lockdown and went Baneado by one Slay and here stay Girnch too, I have previous savegames Del Sv, also know I banneo Because you kill and had Uav Enemy ask Please to remove the ban because it was without just cause , The Videos can Leave On Youtube