Plutonium baned iw5

Good day I was banned for 6 days for playing in Rust with a trick to get into the truck a player reported me but they can ask me not to enter that truck, 6 days banned have their reasons but it seems somewhat drastic to me, thank you very much

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It’s drastic because you keep doing it after being told not to abuse the map glitches. Glitching inside a truck where you can kill players but they cannot kill you is unfair.

You were told not do it yesterday, then you did it again anyways so you were banned for an hour. Then you do it again today so clearly an hour was not long enough for your timeout. Knowing you, you’ve been doing it every time you think no one’s watching.

I understand but the truth I play on your server from teknogods, ok I understand but I play every day and 6 days without playing I like your servers and some other NN knows me there is a possibility that they will take away the ban will not happen again, please?

Is there a possibility you’ll stop going inside the truck to basically give yourself god mode?

I already understood and clearly it will not happen again, if you can help me I thank you

Ok your ban will be changed to 1 day you can play tomorrow afternoon. And keep in mind if we catch you doing this again the penalty will be “drastic”.

thanks and it won’t happen again, pity it’s a day without playing, but I know I did wrong, I appreciate your time, good day

Thank you for understanding and I hope we don’t have more problems like this. I will comment here when your ban expires.

Thank you

Closing this as your ban has expired and I’ve seen you rejoin since.