POOR ADMIN - Exilium

Take some action with the member named Nabby! Hackers come in and out and most of the time he ignores them. I have seen several times hackers on the server and several players sending messages warning in the chat and he does not take any action. I have a demo today in which a hacker entered the server using aimbot, everyone started to warn him but he just decided to do something after long minutes. Members so do not deserve to be in the clan (but that’s just my opinion).

Hi, from what I’ve seen he is a decent, fair admin. On our server a lot of people love to scream hack the second they are wallbanged or preaimed, so if we see someone get reported that we’ve been playing with for years or have already spectated multiple times, we may not respond. Often times people also complain about one of us cheating too, and I give them the same response every time: upload proof to our forum or discord. No one has bothered doing that yet.

I do not know if that was the case here, maybe he was just afk or missed your message in chat. Automated messages can take up a lot of chat space and messages do disappear quickly. Either way you can upload a demo here on our forums or send it to us on discord if you believe you’ve caught a cheater.

Hi Exilium, I’m sorry I didn’t see your warnings in the chat. I was so focused, I didn’t read anything until you wrote the report on the hacker KKkZcIXpua.