Problem on xlrstats with new PC

Hi old soldiers.
I have loaded all my mpdata of CoD4x to my new PC, but when I join the server, the server identify me as a new player. What could I do to login with FakCampers the original account?
here is the link of my FakCampers data on xlrstats.
want to login when I join the server.

Yeah new PC = new hardware ID. You won’t be able to use your old account unfortunately .

Ehh, hi storm. Could an high admin copy my previous data to my new ID please?
I have been long played on NN servers, I love the servers where I played,

The data is not only numbers, it is history, it is my story.
We are all old soldiers which played this game for more than 10 years.
It means a lot to me…

(Also 88 mil kills and 2.65 KD mean a lot…)

Please do me a favor. :owl:

What server?

In NN broadcast TDM on CoD4x mod. Hardcore.
Nickname: FakCampers
ID may be 44568 according to the link.

k fixed.

Iv checked, my data is loaded.
Thanks a lot, wish NN and CoD4 will be long life.