Proteus Appeal

In-Game Name: Proteus

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: March 17th, 8:00pm EST

Admin That Banned You: None

Any Comments You May Have: I just don’t know what I did to cause a 5 minute temp ban, the message I get when I try to join is, “Violating internal system rules (Antihack)”

I don’t hack, I was playing on the gun game server when this happened. I’d appreciate some clarity on this so it doesn’t happen again, thanks!

Hey Proteus,

That message comes from COD4X. You just triggered a internal violation, usually happens when your internet lags while server tries to take a screenshot.

Ok thanks. I was able to hop into the SnD server and didn’t have any issues the rest of the night.

Well it did it again on the same server and the website is down for some reason, so I can’t search/ask for help there :frowning:

No gun game for a while I guess…