q5a/Dubhghall Ban Appeal

Hello, Today I recently downloaded a hack called exodus for MW2 and i attempted to play in a server, it just happened to be NamelessNoobs Nuketown I was using aimbot and trigger bot but now I have been banned and I know I should face the consequences but I have come here after my little brother complaining he can’t play in this popular server group because i stupidly hacked and I don’t like letting my brother down so I request that you shorten my ban, I am very sorry for hacking. Immediately as I got banned I left the game and deleted the hack because I knew I have done wrong. Please may my ban been taken away/reduced and on god I won’t ever hack on any game ever again. Thanks for taking your time to read this, please stay safe and have a good day/night. p.s sorry if there is a format I have to use and I have missed it but please consider my requests.

edit: if there is a format please tell me and i will complete it tomorrow when i’m on pc