Rainbow Six Team

I’ve been rolling the idea over in my head for a couple months, and I think it’s time I pulled the trigger.

Starting this upcoming week, NamelessNoobs will have an R6S team. For now, it’ll be a ranked team to go tryhard and show others in the game how we do. If we feel comfortable enough, the future may hold ESL and Go4 (that’s honestly what I’d like). I’ve put now almost 900 hours into the game and to be honest, I’d like to do more with NN since I really don’t play any of the games everybody else does. So here’s how it’ll go down

  • We’ll be starting with a US team with me as the lead. There will be 10 spots including myself (so 9 are open).
  • If anyone would like, we could also do an EU team, LA (Latin America) team, and CA team. I don’t foresee an Asian team popping up for us, but the possibility exists.
  • While there will be only 10 compete spots within a team, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry the NN tags in-game. We’ll also have a community to back up the team.
  • Tryouts will not happen. It’ll be an open team (for now, so get in while it’s hot) because people will learn as they go.

So what’s the selling point?
It’s much more common played than CoD right now, especially since the franchise took a dip. For those that play SnD for the tactical aspect of it, R6S fulfills that with PVP planning, destructible maps, and actual tactical advantages/disadvantages.

If you’d like to speak further on it, message me on discord (spyce#0002) or tag me in the server. I’ll probably be making a channel and VC for this shortly as well.

Eat a dick,

I +1 this idea, even though I don’t play RS6 :stuck_out_tongue:

Then get the game ffs. Or wait cause a free weekend is coming up here soon.

Buy me the game then, bitch xD
But seriously, I might do so.

The base game is like $15, so I could. If I do that though, everybody will be asking me to buy it for them. We’ll see.

I was going to ask about. So the game is $15 and I am guessing we gonna need to buy more DLC or content packs.

Not exactly. The only thing DLC gives you is week early access to new operators (2 come out each season). The $15 version means you have to unlock all but 3 operators through in game XP and you earn the XP slower. And it’s not like one operator is the best, it’s all based on playstyle. There’s plenty of pros out there that have only the $15 edition.

+1 on this idea, I have siege but I never play it because I don’t like playing it alone, If there were a group of NN guys playing then I would most definitely be more motivated to play.

+1 hell yeah this sounds sick af, but where is the aus team :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

+1 on this idea. I’m planning on picking up Siege on the next paycheck I get.

Dope. So for everybody that wants to do it, just do !register r6s in the discord. I’ll be setting up an academy team here shortly (this week).

I love this idea. Gonna pick Siege up soon!

You can also go to a database if you do not want to dig deeper.