Re: Please UnBanMe

In-Game name: COD:MW3 LordVanHell

Date and approximate time of banning: two weeks

On what server you got banned: Namelessnoobs Lockdown 24/7
Admin Ban: SlayLon

Why should we unban you:
Yesterday Monday was banned from Sv NN lockdown 24/7 by one SlayLon, According to, I use hack and kill him with magic, I Remember very clear that WALKED CROUCH AT THE LOBBY AND HAD UAV ONLINE ENEMY WAS THERE when I started SHOOT AND THIS ME bans without just cause, have several savegames to be uploaded to youtube Mw3, remind them UAV used for many things who does not know how to use not my question, If you really want to check that no use Hacks Deactivate the UAV, and do not put admins waste time without cause by banning those who play fair :facepalm:

El Dia De ayer Lunes fui Baneado Del Sv NN Lockdown 24/7 Por Un tal SlayLon, Segun el yo uso hack y le mate con magia, RECUERDO MUY CLARO QUE ANDABA AGACHADO EN LA PARTE DEL PASILLO Y HABIA UAV ENEMIGO EN LINEA FUE AHI CUANDO EMPEZE A DISPARAR Y ESTE ME BANEA SIN JUSTA CAUSA, tengo varias partidas grabadas para ser subidas a youtube del Mw3, les recuerdo El UAV sirve PAra Muchas Cosas El Que no lo Sepan Usar No Es cuestion mia, Si relamente Quieren Comprobar Que no uso Hacks Desactiven eL Uav, y no Pongan Admins Que pierden el tiempo baneando sin causas a quienes juegan limpio :facepalm:

Youtube Chanel

i support lordvanhell he is clean :slight_smile:

please post the demo of you getting banned, not other random videos on youtube.

Ban appeal expired.