Reason for Perm-Ban -- Beaten

Ban Appeal Form from BEATEN

In-Game name:

Response: Beaten

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 04/07/2019 (I think)

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

I’m not entirely sure why I was banned, I would like to know a reason or proof as to why I was banned. I am a pretty regular on this server, and I know I have been accused of hacks regularly. I know I have played with admins on the server, and none of them mentioned of me hacking or anything of that sorts. Again, I am willing to provide anything from my side, so please let me know if anything is needed! Thanks

Hi beaten, I’ve notified the admin who banned you of your appeal but they have not responded yet. There is nothing you need to provide, but you can send us your demo if you wish. It would speed up the process but it isn’t required.

This is what we got

First video shows how you just acting dumb turn around and shoot me, almost the same kill as the other one from the second video where you run past me and then when you are about to go up the stairs you “saw me”

If in the first video you saw me right away why didn’t you saw me the second time you past by me?

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I would like to thank you for taking your time to put up the recordings of my gameplay. I would like to start with the second video, where I have the rocket launcher kill right as Universe comes up the stairs. From my perspective, my team mate went down the stairs and died – as seen on my map – hence I felt that the most logical thing an enemy would do is climb the stairs so I pre-aimed / fired my RPG there in that position. Second, I am going to cover the corner kills. I am going to start with the first video for the game killing cam. When I was killed the enemy through the hallway and turned towards side entrance. During that time, the game was ending so I was checking the score as well making sure that my gun had ammo from the reloading etc. As I was doing all this (Keep in mind that my eyes were fixed near the middle to the lower portion of my screen), I noticed that your gun / hand was sticking out in the corner when I was coming around it., leading to the sudden reflex to shoot. Plus in this case, your body was angeled towards the entrance which exposed your hands and gun more. In terms of the second corner incident, I just got killed inside the building before respawning, and during that time, none of the team mates were in the vicinity of the building and it was a majority in enemies. With the respawn and the whole flash dilemma, my team managed to put down portable radars out in the spots where I died, so I was looking at that to get an idea of how many enemies were present before I come into the line of fire. During the time, I passed you, my primary focus was on the mini map to see what I am up against, and I formulated on how I was going to attack. Just then, I came near the stairs and I was putting my plan into action when I saw Universe crouched in the corner. This is how the kills happened from my perspective. These are my explanations to both of the scenarios presented, and I hope this shows how the situation presented itself

Here’s the POV from my side

Since you have all those gameplays please upload the DEMO files so we can see them.

I just checked my demo folder & theater mode, and those game files have been overwritten by the demo files of the recent games I have played on other servers. What do you suggest I do now?

That’s really interesting.
Here is what we gonna do, upload all the DEMO files you have on your game folder. Use WinRar to compress them or If you know another way then do it.
We will wait.

Over a month with no reply. Ban appeal denied.