Hi there noobs. I am Blue1304 and have been playing on your FFA server for a little while now. I have left my clan “Nice*” because I am fed up with them not dealing with campers and cheaters (some admin included unfortunately) I enjoy playing on your server and wondered if their was a vacancy for a new member.
I have been playing COD for years now and was in 8th clan (folded) BG clan (folded) VSOP (folded) and lately Nice*. I have made my way to admin in all of these the highest level I reached was 80.
A little about me. I am 62, male. I am retired from the English prison service after 34 years. I have a cocker spaniel now 6 months old and apart from him I enjoy potholing (spelunking) swimming and walking.
Thats about it really, look forward to hearing from you guys.